What are the Benefits of Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy?

What are the Benefits of Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy?


Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT) is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat periodontitis or gum disease. The process starts with the removal of tartar from the root surfaces using ultrasonic and hand instruments, followed by the use of a cutting laser tip to eliminate inflamed gum pocket lining. The laser tool eradicates the infected tissue, minimizes bleeding, and stimulates the healthy tissue's healing process. The procedure offers several advantages over traditional treatments. Keep reading this blog and find out more about some benefits of laser-assisted periodontal therapy in Glendale:

More Precise Treatment:

By utilizing laser technology, LAPT can target bacteria and infected tissue more accurately than traditional methods. This helps to reduce the chances of damage to healthy surrounding tissue.

Faster Healing Times:

Due to the precise targeting of bacteria and diseased tissue , less healing time is needed after the procedure than traditional periodontal therapy techniques.

Less Pain:

Most Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy patients experience less discomfort during the procedure than during traditional treatments. This makes it an attractive option for those with mild to moderate periodontal disease who want to minimize pain and downtime.

Minimized Bleeding:

The laser beam seals the blood vessels as it works, which reduces bleeding significantly while allowing for better visibility and accuracy during the procedure.

Reduced Risk of Infection:

The laser beam targets bacteria more precisely than traditional tools, preventing infection in the treated area.

In conclusion, Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy is highly effective for treating periodontal disease . You'll benefit greatly from this treatment if you reside in Glendale and deal with these issues. It offers numerous advantages like reduced pain, quicker healing, minimal bleeding, and lower risk of infection. If you're considering this treatment option for periodontal disease, consult our dentist, Dr. Leo Aghajanian at Precision Dental, to determine if LAPT suits you.