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Besides supporting your teeth and underlying bone, your gums are a gateway to the rest of your body. When your gums are inflamed due to plaque or tartar build-up they become leaky and allow microbes from your mouth to leach into your blood stream. The process of microbes entering the blood stream can lead to potential health hazards. During your routine dental visits at our dental office in Glendale, CA, Dr. Leo Aghajanian will perform a cleaning using state of the art piezo ultra-sonic instruments and polishing, which will leave your teeth feeling super smooth and free of plaque and tartar build-up.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned by a professional?

Professional teeth cleaning is one of the most recommended preventive treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy. But, you might be wondering “when do I need a dental cleaning?’’ Or ‘How often should I go to the dentist to get one?’

The truth is, there is no ideal frequency, but many dentists recommend performing a dental cleaning in the office once every six months. It may seem very often, but the reality is that our teeth and gums are subject to thousands of bacteria every day. Even when brushing your teeth very well two or three times a day, toothbrushes do not remove all dental plaque.

4 reasons not to skip your dental cleaning

  1. Prevention: Even though you brush your teeth every day, dental plaque will inevitably accumulate on your teeth and gums. Plus, dental plaque removal from inflamed gums can be very uncomfortable.
  2. Unattractive smile: If you do not schedule at least one professional dental cleaning a year, your teeth will look very unattractive and worn-out due to a change in color or stains caused by cavities.
  3. Tartar can be very dangerous: In addition to being unsightly and causing tooth decay, tartar is very dangerous to our health. Our immune system considers these bacteria a foreign body and, as with any pathogen, it tries to fight it with inflammation and bleeding, which causes gingivitis or periodontal disease.
  4. To feel way more confident: We must pay particular attention to our oral hygiene in the same way that we take care of our body and our skin. By having a great, healthy smile, you will feel more comfortable about yourself and about talking and smiling at others!
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