What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens your teeth, renews tooth enamel and prevents your teeth from developing cavities. However, too much fluoride is not advisable, since it can produce fluorosis, which stains the teeth in its mild form, destroying the enamel. As in other situations in medicine, more is not always better, so it is best to find the intermediate point to avoid cavities without causing fluorosis by scheduling regular visits with your dentist.

How Is Fluoride Applied?

We can find fluoride as an ingredient in toothpaste, gels, and varnishes for teeth and rinsing liquids. Also, in drops or pills to drink and, in some countries, in drinking water.

The topical fluoride (the one that is applied directly on the tooth) is the one we put on the brush with toothpaste. Topical fluoride is also applied professionally by dentists in oral treatments.

So, Is Fluoride a Dental Treatment?

Yes. Fluoride dental treatments with gels or varnishes of fluorine are treatments that your dentist will apply at thedental office, only to children and patients with a high risk of developing cavities. In most recent studies, it was concluded that the local effect of fluoride directly on the tooth is what actually prevents cavities.

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