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Teeth whitening is a safe and simple procedure. Teeth whitening works by lightening the outer part of your tooth called enamel. At Precision Dental, our dental office in Glendale, you will receive custom made whitening trays that fit precisely to your teeth along with professional strength whitening gel. Typically the trays and gel are worn for a short time ( 20 to 30 minutes a day) to achieve 7 to 10 shades of increase in brightness. The procedure require no down time so this means that you can get right back into your daily routine.

Glendale area dentist offers professional teeth whitening services

Patients with brighter, more brilliant smiles often exude health and confidence. Patients are excited to share their smile with others, laughing and grinning without hesitation. However, if you have a smile that is not nearly as beautiful as you would like it to be, we encourage you to discuss professional teeth whitening in Glendale area practice, Precision Dental.

What is professional teeth whitening?

Instead of using over-the-counter strips, trays, and toothpastes to whiten the teeth, we encourage patients to speak with their dental professionals about the benefits of whitening the smile with professional-grade products. Our team offers take-home whitening kits that include highly concentrated bleaching gel for amazing results right in the privacy of one’s own home! Our kits are made with custom-fabricated trays for the top and bottom dental arches. Patients are educated on how to use their trays with the included bleaching gel to gently and gradually whiten the smile in a natural manner.

Who is a candidate for professional-grade whitening?

Most patients are appropriate candidates when they are free from dental restorations. This is because restorations made of porcelain and ceramic will not be whitened with this product. This means that the teeth will be a different shade of the restorations, making them stand out. Unless patients are interested in changing their restorations to match their newly whitened smile, we may suggest alternative options to these individuals.

How often should you whiten your teeth?

Most patients whiten once a day with the trays until they have reached the whitening results they desire. After this, patients can use the trays and bleaching gel to whiten whenever they need a touch-up.

Do you live in Glendale, California? Have you been unhappy with over-the-counter whitening products? Are you interested in finding out if professional teeth whitening solutions are best for you? Contact the team of Precision Dental today to book an appointment with Dr. Leo Aghajanian. His practice can be reached by phone at (818) 545-8923 and is located at 411 N Central Ave Suite #245 (opens in new tab) . Call today to schedule a visit and discuss the options available to you for brightening your smile!

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