Root Canal Therapy

When is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

Root canal therapy is performed on a tooth when the cavity has reached the nerve in the center of the tooth so as to prevent further destruction of the tooth and prevent an infection from taking place. If left untreated the bacteria in the cavity will invade the nerve space and an infection will ensue that will travel through the root of the tooth into the jaw bone and turn into an abscess.

These types of infections can become very dangerous if left untreated. Dr. Leo Aghajanian, dentist in Glendale uses the highest standards of care with the latest state of the art materials and techniques to ensure the best outcome for his patient’s root canal therapy.

What are the advantages of a root canal?

Root canal is one of the most practiced interventions nowadays. This treatment is carried out on patients who have a tooth with a damaged nerve. A Root Canal mainly aims to return both a healthy look and the correct functionality to the tooth that’s in poor condition.

Some of the Significant Advantages of This Treatment Are:

  1. It avoids tooth loss.
  2. It’s more conservative and less expensive than dental restoration.
  3. Dental infection and other microorganisms are eliminated.
  4. It’s performed in just one session using local anesthesia.
  5. The materials used in the nerve filling are 100 percent bio-compatible.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

Root Canal is not a painful procedure at all. Once the patient is anesthetized, your Glendale Dentist will remove the diseased tissue and will access the nerve or nerves, depending on the tooth that is affected. Then, he will remove the pulp tissue (nerve) mechanically, cleaning the resulting canal thoroughly. At the same time, your dentist will seek the root length, providing the canal with a conical shape to facilitate its filling.

Finally, and after some relevant radiographic confirmations, the canals will be sealed, closed or refilled with endodontic materials that will seal them entirely.

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