Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy in Glendale

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy is an effective way to reduce pocket depths caused by periodontal disease and help with the re-attachment of the gums to the root surfaces of the teeth.

How does Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy work?

The procedure starts with the removal of tartar from the root surfaces using ultrasonic and hand instruments, followed by the use of a cutting laser tip to eliminate inflamed gum pocket lining. The laser tool eradicates the infected tissue, minimizes bleeding, and stimulates the healthy tissue's healing process.

Unlike traditional gum surgery, our periodontal therapy utilizes a laser that is less invasive, minimally painful and doesn't require sutures, promoting faster healing times. The laser also aids in gum re-attachment to the root surfaces, reducing pocket depths and helping to prevent bone loss from bacterial invasion.

What advantages does LAPT provide?

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy (LAPT) offers several advantages over traditional methods of periodontal treatment. Firstly, it is a less invasive procedure that provides greater accuracy during the treatment. The use of laser technology during this procedure eliminates the need for cutting and significantly reduces the time needed for treatment. The laser also disinfects the affected area, lowering the risk of infection.

Secondly, LAPT promotes faster healing times due to the reduction of post-treatment discomfort. The energy from the laser stimulates the healthy tissues, which aids in the healing process, resulting in faster recovery times. It also has a higher success rate in treating gum disease than traditional methods. The laser is capable of eliminating bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, which means that it can be more effective in treating deep-seated gum infections.

Lastly, LAPT is a safe and comfortable treatment approach. The laser operates at a specific wavelength that only affects the infected tissue, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue unharmed. The procedure is virtually painless, and the patient can resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment.

In summary, LAPT provides a minimally invasive, accurate, and highly effective treatment approach for periodontal disease. The procedure promotes faster healing, has a higher success rate, and is safe and comfortable for the patient. Therefore, LAPT is becoming the preferred method of treating gum disease in many dental practices worldwide. Do not let gum disease affect your oral health and overall well-being. Contact Precision Dental in Glendale today to schedule your consultation and discover how our laser-assisted periodontal therapy can improve your smile.

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