Read what our satisfied patients have to say about Dr Leo Aghajanian, our dentist in Glendale.

Dentist Review

Hayk Abramyan
Glendale, CA

1/12/2017 * * * * *

Here is a real experience you can take away from... I had Googled a dentist in my local area and stumbled upon this young man. He had great before and after pictures on his website that told me he had some sense of marketing. This paved the way for my first visit...

I had a filling that had broken off. Let me tell you, I am home now with a numb mouth writing this review. I have never received so much care from a dentist and I have tried about 4 in total including Dr. Leo. He took the care and time to ensure that the job went super smooth and it didn't turn from a simple filling into a root canal or get bigger. He saved the day and went above and beyond by all means! Judging from his approach, the way he talks to his patients, his employees and the care he takes with people. I can also tell he is a well grounded individual and deserves your business.

His assistant Armine was very reassuring about the process and office manager Edith was very courteous and professional as well as all those that I did not get to know by name. If you are looking for a great place to fix those problems no one every likes addressing, this is the place you want to go. Thank you and please keep up the great work!

Ryan Jones
Glendale, CA

1/9/2017 * * * * *

I took a chance yesterday and I'm glad I did. Dr. Leo and his staff definitely have a great practice going on. My dad once told me... "if you are gonna do something, do it right." From the smooth billing, to the personable staff, to the attention to detail on each tooth.They do it right. My mouth is clean!

Tomaso M.
Los Angeles, CA

7/21/2017 * * * * *

It's a pleasure to rate Dr. Aghajanian, his wife and staff a very well deserved five stars. I was in the medical profession for years and am very picky when it comes to choosing a doctor or dentist and I highly, highly recommend this dentist and office.

The exam and consultation is not rushed and every detail was explained to me regarding what dental work was necessary, and what was not urgent that I could wait on if I prefer. My wife and I both were very pleased with the professionalism and treatment. My wife needed more work done including crowns, I already had mine done years ago.

I will add to this review after I get the final portion of my work done. In the meantime, I have been suggesting Dr. A. to my neighbors and friends.

Meghry K.
Los Angeles, CA

5/16/2017 * * * * *

Dr.Leo is the best dentist ever .... I got my wisdom tooth removed and he had very gentle hands I didn't feel any pain... He was very patient he walked me through all the steps. I was very nervous but he made everything easy... Dr. Leo also fixed a few fillings that my previous dentist did I would always get food stuck !!! But Dr. Leo with his magic hands fixed them and now I don't get food stuck anymore he is amazing !!!! I like Dr. Leo highly highly recommended!!!

Nairy S.
Los Angeles, CA

3/31/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Leo is the best dentist ever and because of many reasons:

  1. His work is not only great, it is PERFECT
  2. The clinic is very well equipped and clean
  3. The appointments are on time so no wait time
  4. The staff are very welcoming and nice
  5. The environment is relaxing and calm....

I had so much work done on my teeth , about 12 fillings and the procedures were smooth, fast and never felt anything no pain nothing !!!! I didn't even feel the injections.... THE BEST If I could give 6 stars that would be better

Melanie P.
Culver City, CA

7/24/2017 * * * * *

Great experience for both of my daughters, they're usually scared to go to the dentist. Dr. Aghajanian and his staff are very friendly and patient; just as what I have read in other reviews, and what was important to me in finding a new dentist after our relocation to California. Thank you all so much for a great experience!

Yumiko K.
Costa Mesa, CA

1/10/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Aghajanian and his staff are fantastic. They managed to squeeze my boyfriend into their busy Saturday schedule when he was having a major toothache. They were not only professional but personable. I actually looked forward to visiting them, chatting about our favourite food, and getting my teeth fixed (unfortunately, paying for all the procedures was the least favourite part...).

The quality of their dental work is superb. If you are looking for a trustworthy and skillful dentist, look no further. I no longer live in the area to visit this office, but I highly recommend Dr. Aghajanian!!

Chris C.
Glendale, CA

5/24/2017 * * * * *

The people here make you feel welcome and comfortable. Made good conversation and treated us like family. Right when we walked in we were greeted and offered some refreshments. The wait was very short and when you are with the dentist they give good one on one feedback. I couldn't have asked for a better dentist.

Shiraz S.
Los Angeles, CA

5/9/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Leo is one of the nicest dentists I have ever been to, he is always available for any questions or concerns you have and takes time to explain everything.

All of the staff is amazing - friendly and professional! Overall I am very pleased with this dental office :-)

Lee P.
Los Angeles, CA

11/19/2016 * * * * *

Dr. Leo is an amazing dentist with the gentlest hands. He's informative, patient and skilled at what he does. I am going to recommend him to everyone looking for a dentist because I know he will live up to all the expectations and more.

His team is a group of efficient workers as well. Edith is friendly and is organized. I like everyone in this office!

Roupen T.
La Crescenta, CA

5/16/2017 * * * * *

Dr. Leo was an amazing doctor about 5 years ago when I first starting going to him. I didn't know he opened his personal office until now! I am so glad I found him, and will always be going to him for my future dental needs!

Griselda P.
Glendale, CA

2/11/2016 * * * * *

Quality service. Friendly staff. Easy to schedule appointments.

Dr. A takes the time to explain every procedure in detail and will address any concern you have with a great attitude. You never feel like you are being rushed in and out of the office (like I have at many other places). He has done great work with my teeth; I’ll be coming back for follow up services!

Venous Lakes
Dr. A has also been very helpful with a massive venous lake I had on my upper lip. I’d been to several physicians and dermatologists and they were unable to help. Dr. A, however, took to the task with amazing results. The bulge has been significantly reduced!!

Thank you Dr. A!

Sabrina R.
San Diego, CA

1/10/2016 * * * * *

Did a review a while ago

Everything was awesome!! my teeth look great, i still need to come back for my whitening which im exited, im just waiting for the holidays and trips to pass and i’ll do the appt. , they are always very accommodating, very polite i’ve had too cancel and reschedule my appointment soo many times ( my fault, being sick and work related) and they always are good about it, staff is awesome!! love the girls over there, always chat and make me feel welcome, so i’m definetly taking my fiancee for a cleaning and whitening.

Micki Z.
Studio City, CA

3/13/2015 * * * * *

Totally Awesome!!

I’m updating my review after having finally whitened my teeth, and it was so worth the wait.

I only did two short sessions of about an hour with the custom fitted kit Dr. A. made for me before my teeth looked absolutely brilliant! So now not only are they fixed and healthy, they look terrific. I’m so pleased!

And because he did such a thorough exam and follow-up, he brought to my attention other health concerns I need to look into, and for that I’m grateful.

Thanks Dr. Aghajanian! I’ll be back!

Erik B.
Los Angeles, CA

9/29/2015 * * * * *

This is my 6th dentist in the 6 years that I’ve lived in the LA area. I obviously wasn’t happy with the past dentists, but there is no need for me to look for another one. Dr. Aghajanian is a wonderful dentist. He is meticulous, knowledgeable and explains what he is doing without talking down to you.

I had to get root canal and a crown. Neither of which are enjoyable experiences, but Dr. Aghajanian did a wonderful job. No complaints.

Ovasapy A.
Glendale, CA

6/12/2015 * * * * *

So happy to have found Dr. Aghajanian! I finally have a dentist that I look forward to seeing -- which means I actually follow through with my regular checkups and cleanings (for the first time in my life) and take care of any fillings or other work I may need to have done. I have had a few crowns done by him also and his work is amazing. He pays so much attention to detail, the crowns look and feel incredible.

The staff working for him is super nice/friendly and I’ve never once had to wait to be taken in. They’re so informative and knowledgeable; I always leave knowing I was in great hands. Great dentist and just an overall great experience!

Talin A.
Glendale, CA

3/21/2015 * * * * *

I don’t write yelp reviews often but Dr Aghajanian and his staff deserve it. Dr Aghajanian is very knowledgeable, gentle and highly precise in his work. He always explains in details what he does with your teeth. I’ve been visiting his office for almost two years and had multiple fillings and a root canal, all of them went smoothly and I had no problems afterwards. His staff is also very nice and caring. I would definitely recommend Dr Aghajanian to everyone.