Dental implants can greatly improve your quality of life!

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The development of dental implants has made it possible to restore the fullest extent of function from artificial structures. According to research, this method of tooth replacement has retained a near-100% success rate for the past several decades.

Patients of Precision Dental can find out if they are good candidates for dental implants during a comprehensive consultation and evaluation in our Glendale office. During this visit, we will review dental history and discuss expectations. X-rays may also be taken in order to observe the condition of the jawbone. We understand the importance of detailed information, and we take our time to explain the various aspects of implant treatment with each patient. Here, we will discuss the benefits of this restorative process.

Dental implants: comfort and functionality

Tooth replacement is not only about restoring the appearance of your smile. You also rely on the stability of your teeth to break down food for digestion. If replacement teeth are not fixed in place, some patients develop a tendency to eat a limited variety of foods - those that are easy to chew. Another way that a patient may accommodate an unstable restoration is to chew on one side of the mouth. This causes joints and muscle to work harder to adapt, which can lead to jaw pain.

Implants are fixed, enabling you to chew foods that are hard and crunchy as easily as you can chew softer foods.

Dental implants: preservation of natural structure

One of the most significant findings related to tooth loss and replacement has been the effect on the jawbone. If you have a family member who has worn dentures for some time, you may recognize the telltale sign of bone loss. Without adequate bone structure, the nose and the chin gradually converge, creating a "sunken" appearance. What we have learned is that the roots of each individual tooth transfer stimulation from chewing into the underlying bone. This encourage regeneration of bone tissue, which supports teeth as well as facial contouring.

Implants replace roots, and carry on the role of stimulating bone regeneration in the jaw.

There are several benefits to implant treatment. To learn more about the procedure and long-term results of this method, call our Glendale dentist at (818) 545-8923.

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