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At Precision Dental Implant, Cosmetic, and General Dentistry, we provide Burbank and Glendale, California area patients with a wide selection of services. We are a full-service dental practice in the community that is always welcoming in new patients to the practice for quality care and attention.

What services are provided in our practice near Burbank?

Dr. Leo Aghajanian is proud to offer the following treatments for his patients:

  • Implant dentistryImplant dentistryimplant dentistry is the placement and restoration of dental implants. These titanium posts are used to replace missing teeth and are extremely versatile. They require oral surgery to place them and can last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistrycosmetic dentistry encompasses many procedures used to address aesthetic imperfections that are negatively impacting the smile. Cosmetic procedures are a great way of making the smile look beautiful, and may include professional teeth whitening or the placement of porcelain veneers.
  • Restorative dentistryRestorative dentistry – restorative dentistry includes methods of repairing the smile. This may include tooth replacement options including implants, bridges, and dentures, or even the fabrication and bonding of dental crowns over weak or brittle teeth.
  • General dentistryGeneral dentistry – general dental care includes treatments such as fillings and crowns that are commonly used to address issues within the smile they may be causing problems. This includes treatments such as scaling and root planing utilized for patients who may have the later stages of periodontal disease (an infection within the smile).
  • Preventative dentistryPreventative dentistry – many conditions, including dental decay and periodontal disease, are completely preventable with proper care of the teeth and gums each and every day. Not only does preventative care include at-home attention, but it includes integrating into routine appointments at the dental office for cleanings and examinations to monitor the health of the smile over time.

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Contact Precision Dental Implants, Cosmetic, and General Dentistry today to book an appointment with Dr. Leo Aghajanian and his staff. We welcome patients in the community who are ready for quality care at 411 North Central Avenue, Suite #245. Call for an appointment today by connecting with our front office team at (818) 545-8923.

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