Dentist in Glendale Helps Make Your Oral Health Affordable with Carecredit

Dentist in Glendale Helps Make Your Oral Health Affordable with Carecredit

Posted on December 14, 2016

Oral health is a vital aspect of your overall health and wellness. While you fuel your body with healthy food choices and sufficient sleep to renew your energy, there is more to living a long and vibrant life, and it has to do with your mouth. In recent years, a great deal has been learned about the connection between the mouth and the body. It's much greater than the occasional toothache or bad breath, or even the fact that food must first travel through the mouth to nourish the body.

The health of your mouth directly relates to how well you feel - and how confident you feel. According to research, the bacteria that thrive in the acidic oral environment also spread throughout the body. These microorganisms may enter the blood stream through tiny nicks in the gums. They can enter the lungs via respiration, and the digestive tract along with food. In one study, the type of bacteria observed in a diseased heart was found to be the same as what is present in infected gums.

Flexible financing with CareCredit

Of all the reasons you have to create a trusting, ongoing relationship with your experienced dentist in Glendale, the fact that routine oral care supports a healthy body sits at the top of the list. We understand that there are more than a few things that can get in between you and your dental visits, your budget being one of them. That's why we offer flexible financing with CareCredit. This "healthcare credit card" is easy to apply for online or in the office. Once approved, you can immediately use your line of credit to pay for dental treatments, whether restorative, general, or cosmetic. Your CareCredit card may also be used with other medical or veterinary providers who participate in the program.


When to see your Dentist in Glendale

Routine dental care is most efficient when conducted twice a year. If you are experiencing an issue such as sensitivity or pain now, call our office for prompt care. The sooner that treatment is obtained for an existing dental concern, the more conservatively the problem can be treated. If your teeth and gums look and feel good, but it has been longer than six months since your last checkup, you should also schedule a visit in the near future (weeks, not months!).

We are here to provide the gentle, affordable dental care you need to preserve your smile for a lifetime. Call (818) 545-8923 for a convenient appointment time.

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