Dentist in Glendale Tells What to Expect after a Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Glendale

Most of us would enjoy knowing what to expect from just about any life event. One of the primary reasons that root canal therapy can seem so frightening is that if you have never had one, you don't know what it will feel like, during or afterwards. Our dentist in Glendale is concerned with making you feel comfortable in our office. Our team provides friendly care in a soothing atmosphere, and we discuss the details of treatment in order to help you gain the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Root Canal Is Beneficial

The reason that root canal therapy is performed is because the center part of a tooth has become infected. Usually, this is a gradual process that originates with a small cavity. Once bacteria penetrate the hard outer layer of tooth material, their acidic byproduct moves much more quickly through dentin, which is much softer than enamel. Beyond dentin is the pulp chamber, which contains the nerves, vessels, and roots of the tooth. Once infection has developed here, it is typically followed by noticeable pain.

Root canal therapy is conducted to save the natural tooth structure. This is achieved by removing damaged, infected tissue in the pulp chamber, and also the roots. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic. Because the area is numb, just as it is when you get a filling, you should feel no discomfort as your tooth is repaired.

After the Root Canal

Even though infected tooth matter has been removed in the root canal procedure, the body still undergoes a natural healing response. During the first few days after treatment, it is not unusual to experience mild soreness or tenderness. This temporary discomfort can be minimized with over-the-counter medication. Once pain has subsided, the tooth may continue to feel different from your other teeth for some time. We will replace the temporary crown with a final crown after about a week. With good care, this crown can last for several years. Ultimately, the restored tooth should last as long as your natural teeth.

Root canal therapy could be the best thing for a damaged tooth. For gentle, friendly care, call (818) 545-8923.

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