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Are you looking for a beautiful new smile? Veneers may be right for you! Of all the cosmetic dental options available on the market today, porcelain veneers are one of the most popular. The reason for this is because the procedure is minimally invasive and provides natural-looking, long-lasting results. With veneers, our dentist in Glendale can recreate your smile in moments so you can get back into your daily routine immediately.

Porcelain veneers can be used to correct:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Cracked or otherwise damaged teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Tooth misalignments
  • Shape issues

The process for getting porcelain veneers

The process for getting porcelain veneers can call for a few visits to the dentist so it is important that you are prepared to take the time needed in order to be sure that the process is completed correctly. First, our dentist in Glendale, Dr. Leo Aghajanian, will check to be sure that you are a candidate for porcelain veneers and then he will create a plan and schedule your next visit. X-rays may need to be taken as well as impressions of your teeth. The following visit is usually placement of the veneers through bonding for your brand-new smile!

What are the benefits of having veneers?

Veneers are so popular because of some of the following reasons:

  • They provide a natural-looking appearance
  • Are considered a conservative approach of changing tooth shape and color
  • Can make your teeth appear lighter, eliminating the need for whitening
  • The porcelain material works well with gums
  • They are stain resistant

If you are interested in getting porcelain veneers or would like to know more information, please feel free to contact our dentist in Glendale, CA. We look forward to hearing from you!

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