How to Take Care of Your Dentures

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

When it’s time to get a set of dentures to restore your smile and boost your confidence, you need the best dentist in Glendale. Finding the right dental office to provide you with the dentures you need can be a long and painstaking process. Dr. Aghajanian, our dentist in Glendale, is highly skilled, has an artistic eye and when it comes to dentures he is very talented in creating a great fitting comfortable denture with a completely natural appearance.

There are several do's and don'ts when it comes to taking care of your dentures. Without the right plan in place you can accidentally use the wrong solvent or even damage your new dentures. This can be a source of embarrassment and concern and can also cost you quite a bit of money as well. If you're considering getting dentures or already have them, you need to know these tips to start this new phase of adjustment.

Keeping your dentures clean

Keeping your dentures clean is one of the biggest challenges to your new phase of oral hygiene. Being able to minimize staining is the first and foremost step. Properly cleaning your dentures includes removing food and plaque bacteria and keeping your dentures pearly white. Also remember that your gums need to recuperate in the evening after wearing the dentures all day, therefore you have to remove the dentures before bedtime for the same reasons you remove your shoes. Otherwise you can develop gum irritation and even fungal and bacterial infections.

To do so, brush your dentures thoroughly and scrub gently with dishwashing liquid as to prevent abrasions or scratching. Do NOT use toothpaste. There are many over-the-counter products that are gentle and effective. These products can help you remove most stains, although there are some instances where you need your dentist or prosthodontist to assist you.

How to store your dentures?

When storing your dentures avoid harsh chemicals and products that claim to clean and provide the proper care. When the soaking solution sounds too good to be true, it’s a clear sign to steer clear of this product. Stick to water-based solutions that can gently loosen plaque and remove stains as you store them overnight.

Repairing your dentures

Although it's not a pleasant experience, repairing your dentures can only be done by your dentist or prosthodontist. The costs of repairing your dentures can range depending on the difficulty and condition of your dentures in question.

Remember, Dr. Aghajanian, our dentist in Glendale, is here for you when you need him most. If you need more information about how to take care of your dentures or need to schedule an appointment please contact us at (818) 545-8923.

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