I’m Pregnant. Is It Safe to Have a Prenatal Dental Care Checkup?

I’m pregnant. Is it safe to have a prenatal dental care checkup?

Expecting mothers who are visiting their dentist in Glendale, CA may have some concerns about their oral health and wellness. Is it safe to have a prenatal dental care checkup? Can I undergo procedures while pregnant? What can happen if I experience periodontal disease while I'm pregnant? Many women have a lot of questions, and Dr. Leo Aghajanian and the staff at Precision Dental can help!

Is it safe to have a checkup while I'm expecting?

Yes! Dental checkups are part of standard prenatal dental care. If you are a pregnant patient, however, be sure to notify the dentist to ensure no x-rays are performed during this time, as radiation can affect the baby.

Should I have a checkup during pregnancy?

Every patient should visit the dentist every six months, so it is important that a pregnant woman has at least one appointment during their pregnancy. However, some women choose to see their dentist in Glendale more during this time to reduce their chances of developing periodontal disease or cavities.

What are the risks of periodontal disease in a pregnant patient?

Women who are expecting should take special care in avoiding the development of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an infection that pregnant women are more at risk for. This is because the changes in hormones can affect inflammation in the mouth. When periodontal disease is present during pregnancy, these women are also at risk for delivering their baby prematurely and having a baby with low birth weight. This can have lifelong complications for the child, so prevention is key.

Our dentist in Glendale, Dr. Leo Aghajanian, and the team of Precision Dental encourage pregnant women in the area of Glendale, CA to be proactive in their prenatal dental care. Checkups during pregnancy are encouraged for better oral health and wellness before, during, and after pregnancy. Contact the dental practice today at (818) 545-8923 to schedule your next visit!

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