Oral Health During Chemotherapy Treatment

Oral Health During Chemotherapy Treatment

Posted on April 05, 2017

At Precision Dental Implant, Cosmetic, and General Dentistry, patients in the area of Glendale, CA can receive comprehensive solutions to their oral health needs. However, certain medical conditions may require patients to see a dentist on a more recurring basis to monitor their oral health. A perfect example is a chemotherapy patient.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment may not realize how the treatment can affect their oral health and wellness. Dr. Leo Aghajanian discusses with these patients some of the side effects that occur within the mouth during chemotherapy treatment and how they can be addressed.

Common side effects of chemotherapy that affect oral health and wellness include:

  • Increased risk of infection
  • Change in the taste of foods and drinks
  • Dry mouth
  • Painful soft tissues
  • Swelling and burning tongue
  • Difficulty eating, talking, and swallowing

While undergoing chemotherapy, patients should be vigilant about visiting their dentist. A dentist can monitor the oral health throughout the process to ensure patients are comfortable and are not putting themselves at risk for other problems within the mouth. Dr. Leo Aghajanian suggests visiting him within the first month of starting chemotherapy, and every three months until chemotherapy treatment is completed. This is done to monitor the health of the smile and diagnose any conditions early enough for successful intervention.

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