Teeth Whitening with Professional Trays

Teeth Whitening with professional trays

At Precision Dental, Dr. Leo Aghajanian and his staff are dedicated to helping others achieve the healthy, beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted. Dentists are often approached by their patients regarding ways to whiten the smile without over-the-counter products. While some of these may be affordable, the results are often much less than what can be achieved with professional alternatives. Dental whitening solutions available at Precision Dental are far more effective and are highly recommended by our dental team.

Whitening the smile with professional trays

Our dental practice focuses on the use of take-home whitening trays. These are trays custom-made for patients with impressions of the dental arch to ensure proper fit and function. Once the trays are completed, patients are supplied with bleaching gel that is used with the trays in the privacy of one’s home. Our Glendale dentist, Dr. Leo Aghajanian, educates patients on how to use their whitening products, including how often to whiten the teeth.

When should I whiten?

Whitening with our professional products and trays is often done each night. Patients administer the gel into the whitening tray and place them over their dental arch, top, and bottom. The trays are comfortable and are worn overnight. Patients remove them in the morning, brush their teeth, and get on with their day. Over the course of a week or two, the teeth become noticeably whiter. Patients can then choose to whiten every other day or once a week to maintain their results. When patients are in need of more whitening gel, they can visit our practice.

Are you interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening solutions?

Contact our dentist in Glendale, Dr. Leo Aghajanian, to speak about the advantages of bleaching the smile with the help of professional products. Call the office at (818) 545-8923 to book a visit to the practice at 411 North Central Ave., Ste 245. Our dental team is here to help you and your family in achieving better oral health and wellness while building a smile you can be confident in sharing with others.

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