Using a Dental Crown for Restoring a Tooth Back to Its Original Size and Shape

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Patients in the community of Glendale, CA who are faced with a broken or chipped tooth may be unsure as to the options available to them for repairing the smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dental care that not only restores the smile but does so in a way that looks beautiful! A common dental restoration used by our team of professionals at Precision Dental by our dentist Dr. Leo Aghajanian are dental crowns.

Dental Crowns Explained

Also known as caps, dentists have used dental crowns for many years to restore the smile and address areas where a natural tooth has been damaged. Many of these teeth are repairable by placing these ceramic restorations over the top to cover all the exposed natural tooth enamel. By doing this, it offers an extra layer of protection against the natural chewing and biting forces used for eating. Without a dental crown over a broken tooth, it may break further and require permanent extraction in the future. Dental crowns can protect these teeth. Additionally, crowns can be fabricated to be used over a dental implant to restore it and allow it to function and appear as a natural tooth when tooth loss occurs.

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

It is important to our team that all restorations such as these are done with a cosmetic appearance in mind. After preparations of the tooth, impressions are made and sent with specific instructions from Dr. Leo Aghajanian regarding the size, shape, and color of the final restoration. This ensures the new repair will look just like the teeth in the smile for a seamless appearance

Interested in Dental Crowns?

Contact the team of Precision Dental today to consult with Dr. Leo Aghajanian and his staff. Learning about dental crowns and other restorations that are available in our practice is the first step in taking charge of broken or chipped teeth in need of repair. Call the office on 411 North Central Avenue, Suite #245 today at (818) 545-8923 to schedule a visit and find out if you are a candidate for crowns and other cosmetic dentistry solutions.

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